Frequently Asked Questions

one of our dresses.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Appointments are not necessary for trying on dresses but we do highly recommend that if you want to make sure that a time is allocated to you during our busiest times that it is best you book with us.

Bookings however are necessary when you are picking up a dress you have ordered with us. This is to ensure that we have your dress prepared and ready for when you arrive.

When are we busiest?

Most people don't know that debs are all year round! So to accomodate this we are open 7 days a week. During our opening hours we are most busy after school on weekdays and all day during weekends.

How long before my deb should I come in?

It takes around 3 months on average for us to get a dress brand new from the supplier and to allow time for alterations and any transit issues, we aim to get the dress in store around one month before the date of your deb. So the earlier the better in our opinion. The later you leave it, the less options you are likely to have due to time and dresses being sold to other girls in your group.

How does the process work?

The first time you see us is the day you decide what dress you love. On this day if you decide to order a dress though us we write you up, put you in our system and order your dress. Or, if you decide to buy a sale dress or off the rack, you can chose to do alterations (if needed) through the seamstress we work with or you can take the dress home.

After we order the dress it takes around 3 months for the dress to be made and end up in or store, once we have it we contact you to make your next appointment which is your fitting.

This appointment is where we fit you in your purchased dress, and from there you can chose to do alterations (if needed) through the seamstress we work with or you can take the dress home.

How do I know that someone else won't have my dress?

There is no 100% guarantee that this wont happen. However, we do keep track on our registry of what dresses have been sold for what group of debutants. But, due to second hand sales and other stores also stocking some of the same brands as us there is a small chance of this happening. To avoid this most deb groups create some sort of group chat to know who has what dress, so this combined with our efforts make the chances very slim.

What is the dress registry?

At Addison Rose, once a deposit or purchase has been made, we make a note against that particular deb date and organiser of what dresses have been sold for that group. This allows us to never sell the same dress twice to the same deb group.

Do we rent out dresses?

We only sell dresses for purchase not rental, but we do have a clearance range of $650.

one of our dresses