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All New Collection Just Dropped!


Addison Rose


Addison Rose

You 've Got Your Dress, Now What?


When Will My Dress Arrive?

You have Said Yes To The Deb Dress, that's exciting news!

  • We love what we do and thank you for allowing us to help you find your dream dress.

  • After committing to your purchase, the next time you hear from us is when your Deb Dress has arrived in store.

  • Your Deb Dress will arrive around a month before your deb date as noted on your invoice, unless otherwise stated.

  • Please note the reason we ask for your deb date and organiser is because we keep a dress registry to avoid double ups.

  •    We do not refund under any circumstances, including if your deb is cancelled or you pull out of the deb.


Alterations May Be Required

  •  Alterations are not included in the price of our gowns unless otherwise stated.

  • Should you need alterations your are welcome to have our in store expert give you a free consultation when you come to pick up your dress.

  • If you choose to go ahead with alterations Thi our dedicated expert will then work with you to do a fitting and alter your dress.

  • Usually you may only need your hem and straps altered if anything at all. 

  • Our Alterations expert Thi can be contacted directly on 0406 488 199

Deb Shoes & Gloves

  • Finding Deb Shoes can be difficult, it's important to be comfortable on your deb day. Luckily we have tried and tested the most comfortable and supportive heels for you so you can dance the night away and we have a sample pair on display in store.

  • Some girls may choose to wear flats or runners.

  • We sell two different types of Gloves, Satin and Matte so you can choose which matches your dress perfectly.

  • We have samples of gloves in store for your to try on, if you're interested in purchasing they are $35.

  • Each Addison Rose dress will be presented beautifully in a protective garment bag.