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The Deb Dress Experts

Are you looking for the perfect dress for your upcoming deb? Look no further! Our collection of Debutante Dresses has everything you need to make your dream debut a reality. From elegant ballgowns to simple A-line dresses, we have a dress for everyone and their budget. Browse our selection today and find your dream Deb Dress! 


Dear Valued Customers,

At Addison Rose, we strive to provide the best shopping experience for all our customers, especially when it comes to important occasions like debutante balls. We understand the significance of debutante dresses and the desire to have a unique and special gown for such an important event.

To ensure that each debutante receives individual attention and avoids purchasing the same dress, we make every effort to acknowledge and record debutante dates for our customers. Our goal is to prevent any duplication of dresses within a group and make the debutante experience as memorable as possible.

However, we would like to emphasize that if customers do not provide their debutante date information, Addison Rose cannot be held accountable for the possibility of the same debut dresses being purchased within a group. While we make every effort to prevent this, having accurate debutante dates is crucial for our team to effectively manage our inventory and avoid any potential overlaps.

To enhance your shopping experience and guarantee the uniqueness of your chosen debutante dress, we kindly request all customers to share their debutante dates with us. Your cooperation will enable us to continue offering exceptional service and ensuring that each debutante feels special on their significant day.

Thank you for choosing Addison Rose for your debutante dress needs. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in making your debutante experience truly memorable.

Best Regards,

Addison Rose Team!!

The Deb Dress Experts
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